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Don't let credit issues stand in the way of your dreams.

How It Works

3 Phase Attack
PHASE ONE (1-2 months)
We will go over your goals with you. We will give you a realistic timeline to achieve your goals. Within two business days, we will go to work on your behalf. In this phase we are focused on removing any negative, inaccurate, or outdated items. We wait for about 30 days for the credit bureaus to respond. We then evaluate if you are ready to move to phase two.

PHASE TWO (2-3 months)
Your credit is looking better; we will contact you to see if your goals have changed. In this phase, we will work on a strategy to add positive credit, increase credit lines, and correct any payment history errors. Every thirty days we will evaluate if you are ready to move on to phase three.

PHASE THREE (2-3 months)
Our favorite phase is when we give you the green light to apply for that mortgage loan, car loan, or business credit. If you find that there are areas you still need to work on after speaking with loan officers, let us know we will help! Once you have reached your goal, don't forget to send us an email!

About Us

It is our vision to guide as many individuals and businesses to optimal credit and live the most AWESOME life possible.

Brandon Weaver & Cornita Pinchinat


Brandon Weaver
is a graduate of the University of New Mexico and served in the United States Army Reserve for 8 years. He has successfully rehabilitated his own credit scores over a 3 year period and has had a credit education service for 1 year where he has taught people how to repair their own credit. He has started Awesome Life Group, LLC, with Cornita Pinchinat to help as many people as possible heal their credit and have awesome lives.

Cornita Pinchinat is a graduate of Georgia Southern University. She is a dedicated professional with a passion for client-centric delivery. She brings with her many years of success in process driven management. She has expertise in credit management, business development, marketing, strategic client development, and multi-disciplinary team management.


We have your answers right here:

  1. HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST?  $199 billed after client setup and dispute letters are created (this is your first monthly payment). $149 per month after each completed month of service after your first month. Cancel Anytime!   Also, we ask that you keep Identity IQ open for credit monitoring for us which is $21.99 per month.
  2. HOW LONG WILL THIS TAKE?  Because credit repair depends on a variety of factors, the time will vary. On average, clients are satisfied with the results within four months. Lasting credit repair is a process and not an overnight “quick-fix.”
  3. IS CREDIT REPAIR LEGAL? - Credit repair is 100% legal and it works because of the law. The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to dispute any items on your credit reports that are inaccurate, obsolete, out-dated, or unverified. If an item cannot be verified,it must be removed. If an item is inaccurate it will be updated. In some cases, we can negotiate payment to original furnishers of debt and/or collectors of debt, on behalf of clients.
  4. CANCELLATION POLICY - Awesome Life Group LLC'S credit repair program is a month to month service and you may cancel anytime. Just give us a call or email to cancel.
  5. 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - All services come with Awesome Life Group's 90-day back guarantee. If your credit report doesn't improve in the first 90 days, you can get a full refund. Click Here For More Details.
  6. HOW CAN I PREPARE FOR MY FREE CONSULTATION?- We look forward to your FREE CONSULTATION call us at 1-800-360-3013 EXT 2  In order to quickly help you, please have your 3 current credit reports available. You can get them for free at annualcreditreport.com 
  7. IS MY INFORMATION SECURE?  Client Data Protection is required by law. We use the same security encryption (256-bit SSL) as banks. SSL is Secure Socket Layer, but what it really means is that the data sent between Awesome Life Group, LLC and your computer is safely encrypted from prying eyes. It's the same technology that banks use to keep your credit card information safe. We never share your personal information with anyone-- for any reason-- without your prior written permission.
  8. CAN I DO THIS MYSELF?  Absolutely!   You are your best advocate and know your situation more than anyone else. There are many useful books, websites and videos on the subject. If you want to DIY, we recommend educating yourself first.

What Our Awesome Clients Say

We focus on our clients and the results are amazing!

“Hello Brandon, I just wanted to write and say that you guys have done an awesome job with my report and I would highly recommend your company to anyone that was looking to up their FICO score; keep up the good work!"

Pro Credit Repair Client

"Hi guys!   Just wanted to take a moment and give my testimonial to your credit repair service. These guys are great at what they do. When initially starting with the service my scores were in the upper 500's ... like 560-580. Within 2-3 months, my scores skyrocketed to the 700's with my highest score being a 766, and I am not even finished yet. They are very knowledgeable and accessible. Whenever I had a question they answered it right away. Customer service was impeccable, and the results are amazing. Highly recommended. A++"

Will C.
Pro Credit Repair Client

"Awesome Life Group has been great to work with so far. Already saw my credit score go up within 3 weeks of signing up so I can imagine that my goals will be met with ease. They are a great team, very easy to communicate with, and I highly recommend."

Nicole C.

Pro Credit Repair Client

"Let me start by saying this… It is wonderful to finally get hold of a credit repair and restoration agency that knows the ins and outs of the credit business. I used some of the “best” companies and saw absolutely NO results! Cornita you are truly a blessing to my life. I applied for my first credit card and got APPROVED!!!!! I am glad I didn’t skip watching Brandon on YouTube that Saturday morning".

Pro Credit Repair Client

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Cost of Credit Repair Services is $199 for the initial month, and $149 per month after that. There is an additonal cost for credit monitoring of $21.99 with Identity IQ

Credit Cards

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The goal of credit repair is to remove questionable negative information from credit reports. This is not an exact science and there are cases in which we may be unsuccessful. Awesome Life Group, LLC cannot guarantee a specific outcome or accurately predict how long the process will take.
Our clients are, however, protected with our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you sign up for service with Awesome Life Group, LLC, in any program, and do not see any incorrect, negative and/or questionable items deleted from any of your credit reports within 90 days from the date your first dispute letter was sent out, you will be entitled to a full refund of your monthly fees paid within those 90 days. This does not mean that your credit will be repaired completely during that time frame but, you should see at least one or more incorrect, negative and/or questionable items deleted in this period.
The moneyback guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions set forth below.
If you continue receiving service from Awesome Life Group, LLC beyond the first 90 days of service, you will be entitled to a refund for the amount you paid for the first 90 days of service only, and only if you do not see any incorrect, negative and/or questionable items deleted during that 90-day period.
To apply for a refund, please contact Awesome Life Group, LLC and speak with any Client Services Specialist by phone, so your identity can be verified. The Client Services Specialist will guide you through the rest of the process. The Awesome Life Group, LLC 90 Day Money Back Guarantee will be strictly subject to you complying with the following terms and conditions:
1.  You upload all identifying documents required/requested to our secure portal, by mail, by fax, or by email to Awesome Life Group, LLC within five (“5”) calendar days of the effective date of your client agreement.
2.  That you do not create or cause any new derogatory trade lines to be added to your credit report after your start date in our credit repair program.
3. You make all payments due and owing to Awesome Life Group, LLC, per your agreement, on the date they are due. *Modifications to payment dates may result in delays or changes in the time frame of your credit repair.*
4. You remain in agreed upon credit monitoring service for the duration of the program, without cancellation or interruption of that service.
5. You upload to our secure portal, mail, fax, or email Awesome Life Group, LLC all correspondences relating in any way to your credit report / credit repair within seven (“7”) calendar days of receiving said correspondence.
6. You upload to our secure portal, mail, fax, or email to Awesome Life Group, LLC proof of any changes to your name and/or address within seven (“7”) calendar days of the effective date of the change(s).
7. You agree to give Awesome Life Group, LLC thirty (“30”) days, from the date you have requested a refund, to allow Awesome Life Group, LLC adequate time to review your credit reports and audit your account to verify that no negative items have been removed from your account and to ascertain the reason for this occurring.
8. You do not personally, or with the assistance of an outside individual, group or company, initiate or continue disputes with the credit bureaus and/or creditors, or do anything else that may interfere with Awesome Life Group, LLC’s repair process, while you are receiving services from Awesome Life Group, LLC
If you do not comply with any and all of these conditions, you forfeit your right to request a refund under the 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.
AWESOME LIFE GROUP, LLC'S liability under the 90 Day Money Back Guarantee is expressly limited to the amount you have paid for the first 90 days of service beginning when the clients first dispute letter is sent to the bureaus from Awesome Life Group, LLC. (e.g. if client is in service for 180 days, with no change made to their history, they can request a refund, but that refund request will be limited to the first 90 days of service and does not include the First Work Fee of $199).
Revised 09/23/2021

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